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Online Communities

Online Communities

Oakley Digital are a leading force in Social Media and Online Communities.

Our exceptional network of forum based communities reach specialist consumer markets both nationally and internationally. Boosting an substantial membership base our members are passionate about sharing their experiences and knowledge with other like minded individuals.

We have a particular interest in motoring and motorcycling, and many of our communities are based within this market segment.

We provide more...

Members love the professionally managed portals that provide much more than just a forum based experience. It's a formula that works well, a formula that inspires members to return day after day. A formula where members enjoy their online experience - one thats informed, professional, and fun.

Respect for our members

We fully recognise that without our members, this section of our business would not exist.

To that end we respect our members and only engage in areas that we too are passionate about. For example, our motorcycle forums are run by like minded bikers who are able to understand the community with whom they work. That understanding creates a degree of respect that is mutually beneficial.

New opportunities

We constantly look at new trends in consumer and speciialist markets and are quick to react when new opportunities arise. This ability to act quickly give consumers an online platform to share their experiences and aspirations, sometimes even before a product has reached market.


During 2012 and beyond, Oakley Digital will expand their acquisition programme whilst retaining core values and principles.